* Clip for new Intel® Core™ i7 processor available (Optional)
Users can utilize the socket LGA1366 upgrade kit without buying a new cooler

Slim Pure Copper Waterblock: 
  - Micro-Channel Design within the waterblock maximize the thermal efficiency 
  - Advanced Brazing technology improves reliability and leakage free 
  - All-in-one mounting design supports all latest CPU from Intel & AMD.
    (Includes: Intel Socket LGA775 and AMD K8/AM2/AM2+.) 
  - Ease of installation: Rotational Hose Connectors allows for fast installation and
                                leakage-free reliability.

Satellite Fan : 
  - Designed to help cool surrounding VRM at the same time 
  - Silent Blue LED Fan x 2 : 40x40x10mm, 5000rpm, 20dBA. 

Система водяного охлаждения

Upgrade your BigWater series with WB100.
WB100 Waterblock can be integrated into Thermaltake BigWater Series Liquid Cooling System including: BigWater 735, BigWater745, or any TT Liquid Cooling System that utilizes 3/8" tubing.
Thermaltake WB100 P/N: CL-W0143
Thermaltake WB100 P/N: CL-W0143 Combine with iTube series
(the tube is sold separately)
You can apply to the UV tube(CL-W0055), that can easily fit into your liquid cooling system. Please visit our website at www.thermaltake.by