Переходник на Socket LGA1366

  В 2008, Intel официально анонсировал свой новый сокет Core i7 CPU с наиболее современной микро-архитектурой. Now, to ensure our users can experience the power of Core i7, Thermaltake presents optional upgrade clip for LGA 1366 to support Thermaltake DIY L.C.S and L.C.S Case. With this clip, current Thermaltake L.C.S users can enjoy the benefit of Intel Core i7 CPU without replacing their existing liquid cooling system. LGA1366 upgrade kit (P/N: A242331) supports the following

DIY L.C.S and L.C.S case: DIY L.C.S (Liquid Cooling System)

DIY L.C.S Case (Liquid Cooling System Case)


Что такое Core i7?

Core i7 is the new CPU micro-architecture from Intel. Core i7 features Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology and Intel® Turbo Boost Technology which enable the CPU deliver better performance and higher efficiency.