Super Silent
Maximum and Effective Cooling
Long Life Enter Bearing
Easy Installation

Super Silent
• Super quiet 80mm low speed fan .
• Unique leaf design greatly reduces the wind noise produced from spinning fins .
• Enter bearing: The oil from the traditional sleeve bearing will evaporate over time and allow more friction between in the bearing unit itself, producing noise and shortening the lifetime of the fan. The enter bearing design allows extra oil capacity to elongate the life of the fan and reduce noise levels.
Maximum & Effective Cooling
• 3 heatpipes bring heat from the GPU directly to the large surface area of high density fins that deliver great heat dissipation .
• Special fan shroud concentrates the airflow and focuses the air to the hotspot .
Easy Installation
• Easy to install without removing motherboard
Enter Bearing
• The fan's enter bearing design creates additional oil capacity within the fan bearing and seals up the bearing even more than the traditional sleeve bearing. The lifetime of the fan is then extended due to better lubrication and less friction.
6 year limited warranty
Detail Features
Unique leaf design
Copper base with high performing thermal grease Dow Corning TC-5200
High density fins
3 heatpipes
Thermal pads give good contact between BGA memory and copper base which conduct heat quickly
TMG AT2 Thermal Flow

Dual way cold air in for better cooling