- Innovative DuOrb series design 
- Effective cooling construction: 2 copper heatpipes penetrating aluminum fins with copper base 
- ScurveTM should be small letter on upper right hand corner 
- Dual-Flow design not only dissipates the heat of GPU but cools down surrounding temperature of VGA card

Innovative DuOrb Series Design 
- Dual-Orb and Dual-Heatpipe Design bringing you the whole new visual experience
- ScurveTM Blade Fan design with blue LED lights
- Two 80mm unique fan for quietness, 21 dBA.

Superb Cooling Performance Structure
- Effective Cooling Construction:copper heatpipes, copper base, and aluminum fins generating efficient cooling performance 
- Double-Sided Radiant Heatpipes Penetrating Fins transmitting heat evenly and efficiently 
- Mirror Coating Copper Base to guarantee perfect contact between GPU and DuOrb 
- VGA Memory & VRM Chip Heatsinks providing the complete thermal solution for VGA cooling 
Smart Thermal Management 
- Dual- Flow Design further utilizes air flow not just to dissipates the heat of GPU but to cool down surrounding temperature of VGA card