*Support the latest Intel Core i7 CPU
Clip supports Intel scoket LGA1366 included

Ultimate cooling performance
- All copper construction, provides most efficient heat conductivity and dissipation.
- 4 long length Heatpipe* structure, removes heat from source via 4 different channels.

Smart CPU & System Thermal Management
- Side flow design further utilizes system air flow to help accelerate air speed without increasing fan speed for added cooling efficiency.
- Opening design, create multi-air-intake and dissipate surplus heat completely.

Mirror coating copper base to guarantee perfect contact between CPU and cooler.

Silent & Overclocking Proof Solution
- Silent and powerful VR fan, 16dBA at minimum fan speed.
- Adjustable fan control to boost cooling performance at overclocking operation.
- The 120mm fan comes equipped with blue emitting LED lights.

*A heatpipe is a heat transfer mechanism that can transport large quantities of heat with a very small difference in temperature


Thermaltake V1 P/N: CL-P0548



Thermaltake V1 LGA1366 P/N: CL-P0548



Thermaltake V1 LGA1366 P/N: CL-P0548