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Каталог Thermaltake

Patent Information
Country Patent No.
ZL 2006 2 0164729.3
Magic Cooling Performance Structure
- Copper Construction, Copper Heatpipe, Fin, and Base, provides maximum
  heat conductivity and dissipation performance.
- 6 Distinct Designed Heatpipes* remove heat from source via 6
  different channels.
- Mirror Coating Copper Base develops perfect heat dissipating contact
Copper Construction

Magic Cooling Performance Structure
- Unique Radiant Heatpipes* penetrated fins transmit heat evenly
  and efficiently.
- Patented Radiate Design, embedded fan dissipates heat away
  from surrounding fins and immediate fins so as to enhance cooling.
Patented Radiate Design

Silent & Overclocking Proof Solution
- Silent and powerful VRFanTM, 16dBA at minimum fan speed.
- Adjustable fan control to boost cooling performance at overclocking
- The 110mm fan comes equipped with blue emitting LED lights.
120mm Fan with Blue LED Lights
*A heatpipe is a heat transfer mechanism that can transport large quantities of heat with a very small difference in temperature
Copper Construction ~ 6 radial copper heatpipes penetrated fins with mirror coating copper base
Extreme Silence and Maximum Cooling
Patented Radiate Heatsink Design
image   image
A. Fast heat transfer by 6 Heatpipes
B. Heat is conducted evenly by radiate circle fins.
C. Surrounding fins dissipate heat greatly by sidle fan air flow.
Embedded fan dissipates heat away from both surrounding fins and immediate fins so as to enhance cooling
Larger cooling area not just provides CPU cooling but VRM cooling.
image   image
  6 Copper Heatpipes   VR Control
  image   image
  Mirror Coating Copper Base   Blue LED Light
  image   image
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High Quality Thermal Grease