Incredibly Quiet
Anti-Vibration Design
PWM Speed Control Function
Long Life Enter Bearing
Maximum Cooling
Easy Installation


Incredibly Quiet
• Frameless fan: Differs from the traditional framed fans by reducing the backpressure and turbulence produced by the air hitting the side walls of traditional fans. As a result, the frameless fans are much quieter than the traditional fans.
• Unique fan blade design will also produce less noise due to reduced backpressure.
• Enter bearing: The oil from the traditional sleeve bearing will evaporate over time and allow more friction between in the bearing unit itself, producing noise and shortening the lifetime of the fan. The enter bearing design allows extra oil capacity to elongate the life of the fan and reduce noise levels.
• PWM controller: The fan supports Intel PWM FSC specifications which allows the fan to be automatically adjusted via the motherboard BIOS. According to the temperature of the CPU, the fan will spin at whatever speed is necessary to reduce unnecessary noise.

Anti-Vibration Design

• The TMG CPU coolers have built-in springs to absorb any vibrations created during the fan operation, this prevents the heatsink and clip from damaging CPU through vibration, also extends the lifetime of CPU.

Maximum Cooling
• Four heatpipes can efficiently deliver the heat from the CPU directly to the dissipation fins.

• The high density heatsink fins significantly increase the surface area for cooling; combined with a high airflow fan, the improvement is drastic.

Easy Installation
• Easy to install without removing motherboard
Enter Bearing
• The fan's enter bearing design creates additional oil capacity within the fan bearing and seals up the bearing even more than the traditional sleeve bearing. The lifetime of the fan is then extended due to better lubrication and less friction.
6 year limited warranty
Detail Features
Copper base
High density fins
Push pin clip
TMG i2 Thermal Flow