-Network Access Sever; Easily share photos, music, video or files. 
-Support RAID 0, 1, 5, 5+Spare, 10, Linear. 
-Maximum transfer rate up to 1Gbps by RJ45 LAN. 
-Professional Web-based management for easy setting. 
-4 Hot swap carrier design, easily replace the fail HDDs. 
-Security lock design protect hard drives DATA. 
-Overheat & RAID function fail active warning system. 
-Update firmware from network. 
-Maximize the cooling efficiency by BTX straight-line cooling concept.

Support RAID Modes

Four different RAID modes:
Linear: 4 x SATA HDD: The individual Network HDD.   
RAID 0: Spanning mode: Merge all HDD to one.   
RAID 1: Mirroring mode: Best data protection.   
RAID 5: Parity mode: Good performance and safety.   
RAID 5+Spare: RAID 5 with spare disk   
RAID 10: The combination of RAID 0 and RAID 1. 


Data available remote.
Thermaltake Muse NAS-RAID P/N: N0001LN

Component Introduction

Thermaltake Muse NAS-RAID P/N: N0001LN

Cooling System

Thermaltake Muse NAS-RAID P/N: N0001LN

Storage System Management Software

Thermaltake Muse NAS-RAID P/N: N0001LN
Muse NAS RAID software is made by professional company FalconStor, it has a friendly setup interface with option list design. Without complicated installation process, and is very convenience for user to manage NAS system.